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Lesson 1 – Human Body : The Food We Eat
Lesson 3 – Human body : The Digestive and Excretory systems
Lesson 4 : Plants in the Surroundings and Environment
Lesson 6 : Adaptation in Animals
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Lesson 10 : Measurement
Lesson 11 : Push and Pull
Lesson 12 : Friction as a Force
Class 4 – EVS
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21/1/21                                         Push and Pull – 11

Answer the following:

1. What is force?

A. Any push or pull that acts on an object is called a force.

2. What will happen to a piece of iron if brought near a magnet?

A. The magnet will attract the piece of iron towards itself.(force of attraction)

3. Give the effects of force.

A. 1. It helps to move an object.

     2. It helps to stop a moving object.

     3. It helps to increase the speed of the object.

     4. It can change the direction of a moving object.

     5. It can change the shape of an object.

4. Explain muscular force with an example.

A. The force that is applied by our muscles to do a work is called muscular force.

eg: lifting school bag, riding bicycle.

HW: Page 109 A, B, C(in text book)