The Team – St. Mary’s English Medium School

The school has professionally trained, competent, passionate, qualified and experienced faculty members on roll. They adopt highly innovative techniques of teaching and learning and makes it enjoyable. Their enthusiastic and dedicated service is the backbone of our institution.

Dedicated office staff anticipates the requirements of Marian team and their timely action accelerate and helps the smooth conduction  of all  the activities of the school.

The ancillary staff acts according to the need of each and every Marian member. They are involved in the spick & span maintenance of the entire campus

                                    Our Coordinators

Chief Coordinator Ms. Julie I. V Pulikkottil
M.Sc, B.Ed
Programme Coordinator Ms. Mahalakshmi
M.Sc, B.Ed.
 Secondary School Coordinator Ms. Radha Salooja
M.A., B.Ed.
 Upper Primary School Coordinator Mr. Pramod Poyil
B.Sc, B.Ed
Junior Coordinators 2023-24 – St. Mary’s English Medium School

 Primary School Coordinator Ms. Sunitha K.V.
B.Sc, B.Ed.
 Kindergarten Coordinator Ms. Sudha Premraj

Our Faculty


1 Ms. Anjali Kishor B.A, CPPITTC
2 Ms. Bhavana Soney PPTTC, B A (Hindi)
3 Ms. Jimna M V PPTTC
4 Ms. Prabha E V M A, PGDCA,PPTTC
5 Ms. Sonia David B. A, CCPITTC
6 Ms.Swapna Sudas PPTI


1 Ms. Anisha E B.A, B.Ed, MBA
2 Ms. Anupama Narendran MSc, PPTTC, TTC
3 Ms. Anjana Anand B.Tech, AMI Diploma  
4 Ms. Aparna M B.Com, PPTTC,IMTTC  
5 Ms. Arya Venu. A. K M.A, B.Ed
6 Ms. Ashitha.K M.A, B.Ed
7 Ms. Athira N.A M.A, B.Ed
8 Ms. Athulitha P M.A, B.Ed
9 Ms. Baby Salini K M.A, B. Ed
10 Ms. Bijula K M M.A, B. Ed
11 Ms. Binu Sunish B.A, TTC
12 Ms. Jyothi A B.A, B. Ed
13 Ms .Liya K K B. Sc, MCA
14 Mr. Rakesh .N. Rao MSc, MBA, ADSE
15 Ms. Rekha A. P B.A, B.Ed
16 Ms. Reshma Mary PPTTC,TTC
17 Ms. Subila. P. M  C.P.Ed
18 Ms. Vibitha P K B A, B.Ed


1 Ms. Adeeshna U V M.A, B.Ed
2 Ms. Anagha S Prabhod B.A Functional English
3 Ms. Anusha M M.Sc, B.Ed.
4 Ms. Beena.B M.A, B.Ed.
5 Ms. Beena .P B.Sc, B.Ed.
6 Ms. Hansha P M.Sc Computer Science
7 Ms. Jaya Priya M M.Com
8 Ms. Jacklin Williams M.A. B.Ed
9 Ms. Jyothi Unnikrishnan B.Sc., B.Ed, M.A. English
10 Ms. Luluva Dhalal M.P B.A, B.Ed
11 Ms. Nasheeda V.T B.A, DOEACC A LEVEL
12 Ms. Praseena T P M.Sc. B.Ed
13 Ms. Radha. P M.A, B.Ed.
14 Ms. Reshmi Pothuval MA (Karnatic Music)
15 Ms. Ruhma Samuel M.Sc, B.Ed
16 Mr. Shaju V.K M.A, B.Ed.
17 Ms. Shanila.K .M.A, B.Ed.
18 Ms. Shilpa Jeevanand M.Sc, B.Ed.
19 Ms. Shitha P M.A, B.Ed.
20 Ms. Sijy Shaji M.Com, B.Ed
21 Ms. Silpa B S M.Sc, B.Ed
22 Ms. Sreevidya R M.Sc, M.Phil, B.Ed
23 Ms. Tessy Cardoz M.Sc, B.Ed
24 Ms. Vishnu das T P C.P.Ed, B.P.Ed


1 Mrs. Alice Solomon
2 Mrs. Cigy Mathew
3 Mrs. Jini Francis
4 Mrs. Haritha K C (Librarian)
5 Mr. Varghese (Lab Assistant)


1 Abdul Latheef (Driver)
2 Ms. Babitha
3 Ms. Bindu K
4 Ms. Lissy Roy
Mr. Premnath (Security)
6 Ms. Prijula V
7 Ms. Reena C K
8  Ms. Sabithakumari K
9 Ms. Shyni P
10 Mr. Shajith T P (Driver cum Security)