14/01/21                                                              Measurement-10

Answer the following:

1. What is measurement?

A. The action of finding out the length, width, weight, quantity, temperature etc. of an object is called as measurement.

2. What is the standard unit of length? In which units are smaller and larger lengths measured?

A. The standard unit of length is metre. The smallest unit is millimetre and larger length is kilometre.

3. Which hand in a clock shows the hour?


4. What is the common unit of temperature?


5. What should you do before using a thermometer to measure temperature?

A. 1. Shake the thermometer well before placing it under tongue or armpit for a minute.

    2. The liquid in the thermometer will expand and show the temperature on the scale.

6. Draw a table in note book to show the measurements, units and the instrument used to measure.


Text book HW:

page 99, 102, 103(A,B and C)