Our management consists of team of sisters of St. Joseph’s Congregation, envisage the possibilities of growth of our school and brings about desirable changes. They support the entire team of Marian family and guide them. With the blessings of Almighty along with the prayerful & dedicated life of our sisters, our institution is one of the best ICSE & ISC school in the city of Kozhikode.

Our School Management
Manager                                  : Sr. Soly SJC
Senior Accountant                  : Sr. Basil SJC        

Principal                                  : Sr. Anice SJC

Vice Principal                          : Sr. Bessy SJC 

Senior School H.M                  : Sr. Flavia SJC           

Primary School H.M               : Sr. Yeldha SJC                  

Kindergarten H.M                  : Sr. Soly SJC                  

Teaching Faculty                   : Sr. Hridya SJC              

Counsellor                             : Sr. Nihisha. O. Ss.S.