School Emblem

                             SIGNIFICANCE OF THE SCHOOL EMBLEM

  • The dominant navy blue field represents the universe, the home of humankind.
  • The shining spots in the blue field stand for those personalities in the world with lofty values and moral principles.
  • The book characterizes the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom and understanding.
  • The flame in the centre represents St. Mary’s school as an institution that dispels darkness of ignorance and imperfections by enlightenment, truthfulness and freedom.
  • The cross represents the Divine Master who is the source of wisdom. It also reminds the Marians whose success is acquired through humility, obedience , perseverance and hard work.
  • The seven persons standing on the book represent the Marian family who are on the process of transformation and perfection
  • The dove indicates the role of the Marians armed with innocence, purity and truthfulness that go out as instruments of peace to build a better world.
  • The crown stands for Mother Mary, the Patroness of the school, who is the seat of wisdom, image of perfection, source of success and the crown of glory.