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                                               II Term

17/9/20                       ADAPTATIONS IN PLANTS-5

Answer the following:

1. Explain the term adaptation.

A. A special characteristic of a living thing that helps it to live in a specific habitat.

2. Why do some trees shed all their leaves at one time?

A. The trees shed their leaves to protect themselves from the cold or heat. (Deciduous)

3. Choose two habitats and name two plants that grow in each of them.

A. 1. Desert plants: Cacti, date palm

    2. Mountains: Pine, fir

4. How are plants able to survive in desert conditions?

A. 1. Desert plants have thick, fleshy stem to store water and carry out photosynthesis.

     2. Leaves are reduced to spines to prevent water loss.

     3. Roots are deep under the sand to take in rain water.