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Lesson 1 – Human Body : The Food We Eat
Lesson 3 – Human body : The Digestive and Excretory systems
Lesson 4 : Plants in the Surroundings and Environment
Lesson 6 : Adaptation in Animals
Lesson 8 : Materials and Solutions
Lesson 10 : Measurement
Lesson 11 : Push and Pull
Lesson 12 : Friction as a Force
Class 4 – EVS
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3. What does chlorophyll do?

A. It is the green substance that makes the leaf green. It helps to trap sunlight for the process of photosynthesis.

4. Give two differences between photosynthesis and breathing.




The process by which plants prepare their food.

The process by which plants take in air throughout day and night.

They take in air, water and sunlight and make food in the form of sugar.

 They take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen.

5. Mention four product that we get from plants.

A. Food- vegetables, fruits,oils etc , fibres, medicines, wood.

Long Answers:

1. List three functions of the stem.

A.1. It carries water and minerals from the root to the leaf.

  2. It carries food from the leaves to the rest of the plants.

  3. It holds the other parts of the shoot.

2. What is the role played by stomata in the functions performed by the leaf?

A. Stomata is the tiny pores seen on the underside of the leaf.  The two main function is breathing and transpiration.

Breathing:It helps in the process of breathing that is taking in carbon dioxide and removing oxygen. 

Transpiration: The removal of excess water from the plant.

3. Draw a neat labelled diagram of a leaf.

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