Open Auditorium

An open auditorium and two seminar halls (in St. Joseph’s building) and Mother Josephina Hall (in St. Mary’s building) are made perfect use for seminars, orientations, interactive sessions, cultural events, Interschool events such as quiz and debate.

Silver jubilee open auditorium
Secondary School Auditorium – St. Josephs Block
Primary School Auditorium


Students make use of the playground facility during their leisure time. Our school conducts matches on a regular basis. Children get ample opportunities to play and to channelize their potential. The use of the playground is made maximum during the coaching camp for various events. It is renovated and covered so utilization is maximum on monsoon and sunny days.

Silver jubilee Memorial

The ‘grotto and statue’ of Jesus Christ facing the road, of the secondary school, was installed as a part of Silver Jubilee celebrations of St. Joseph’s convent, in Kozhikode. Newly installed statue of Jesus Christ and Mother Mary, of the Primary school, installed as a part of silver jubilee celebrations of St. Mary’s School, proclaims the divine presence in the school campus. Silver gate of primary school and open stadium of secondary school reminds Silver jubilee year.

Other Amenities

The entire campus is fenced and is always under the surveillance of CCTV camera, security personals, etc. are provided for the safety and convenience of the students, teachers and parents. The facilities are added from time to time to meet the needs and demands of the students.