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Lesson 1 – Human Body : The Food We Eat
Lesson 3 – Human body : The Digestive and Excretory systems
Lesson 4 : Plants in the Surroundings and Environment
Lesson 6 : Adaptation in Animals
Lesson 8 : Materials and Solutions
Lesson 10 : Measurement
Lesson 11 : Push and Pull
Lesson 12 : Friction as a Force
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5. Differentiate between sediment and residue.

A.                    Sediment                                                           Residue

The substance that settles down in the                         The substance that is left behind in the filter

process of sedimentation.                                                paper after the process of filtration.

6. What is a filtrate?

A. The clear liquid obtained after filtration is called a filtrate.

7. Explain sedimentation and decantation.

A. The process where a heavy insoluble solid settles down in a liquid is called as sedimentation. In this process the clear liquid on top is called supernatent and the insoluble solid settles is called as sediment.

The process of pouring out clear liquid from above the sediment is called decantation.

Text book page 82

A. 1. b   2. a    3. d    4. c    5. d

B. 1. Solution         2. insoluble        3. funnel and filter paper     4. salt, sea water   5. Solute

C.1. True      2.True    3. False        4. False       5. False.

Corrected statement

3. When some solid dissolves in liquid , its particles occupy the space in between the liquid particles.

4. The clear liquid removed after sedimentation is called the supernatent.

5. A soluble solute can be separated from a liquid by evaporation.