Admission to this school is restricted by conditions of age, ability and conduct. Hence the applicants for admission will be tested and admitted to the standards, if they are found fit.

1) The age of admission to LKG is four plus and to standard I is six plus on or before May 31st with corresponding increase of age for the higher classes.

2) Registration for KG admission starts from October every year. To other classes it starts from 4th week of November.

3) A child seeking admission has to register his/her name by paying a registration fee of Rs.150. There after he/she is to take a written test. There is no written test for LKG.

4) Students seeking admission to class XI.

  a) Class X students of St. Mary’s can register for ISC, directly, after the payment of  registration fees.

  b) Students from other ICSE schools, may give their application for registration, if they secures minimum cut off marks.

  c) students from other syllabi(CBSE & state board), are eligible to apply, if they are scoring        minimum cut off marks for the entrance  examination which will be conducted by our school.

Students of above b & c category have to approach school office & complete other formalities, by March month

5) When applying for admission the following documents are to be submitted:

  1. Birth Certificate ( Civil)
  2. Transfer Certificate (TC)
  3. Progress Report / Mark List ( from the school last studied)
  4. copy of Aadhar card

6) Pupils coming from Schools outside Kerala will have to get their TC countersigned by the authority concerned.

7) The school authorities reserve the right to refuse admission to a pupil without assigning any reason. They also reserve  the right to dismiss the student whose diligence or progress in studies is constantly unsatisfactory.

8) Date of birth once recorded at the time of admission will not be changed.


The school imparts instruction to students from kindergarten classes to std XII (ICSE/ISC). The medium of instruction in all classes is English.


Kindergarten consists of PRE-KG, LKG & UKG.

Classes from I to VIII primary category.

Classes from IX to X Secondary category.

Classes XI & XII senior secondary category.


Generally withdrawals are not permitted at the end of the school year, unless such withdrawals are warranted by the transfer of the parents or guardians to the other places, in which cases notice of withdrawal must be given in writing, a week in advance. The TC will not be issued unless all dues to the school have been paid.

Application for TC in the prescribed form should be submitted at the office by the parents at least two weeks in advance.


  1. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, disobedience or defiance of authority, lack of sufficient improvement in studies and conduct even after warnings are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of a student.
  2. A student who fails twice in the same class will be issued T.C from the school. The decision of the principal will be final in this matter.

NB: Refer downloads for school hand book(diary), Nitty Gritty, pamphlet containing general information for admission and application form for registration.