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Lesson 1 – Human Body : The Food We Eat
Lesson 3 – Human body : The Digestive and Excretory systems
Lesson 4 : Plants in the Surroundings and Environment
Lesson 6 : Adaptation in Animals
Lesson 8 : Materials and Solutions
Lesson 10 : Measurement
Lesson 11 : Push and Pull
Lesson 12 : Friction as a Force
Class 4 – EVS
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    7. How is enamel of the teeth helpful to us?
    A. It is the hardest substance in the body and it protects the crown.

    8. What food should we include in our diet to have healthy teeth?
    A. We should eat green vegetables, milk, fish and food rich in calcium to have healthy teeth.

    9. Give five ways in which we can take care of our teeth.
    A. 1. Brush our teeth twice a day (morning and night)
         2. Rinse our mouth after every meal.
         3. Change the toothbrush regularly.
         4. Massage our gums with our fingers.
         5. Visit a dentist every six months to check our teeth.

    10. Why is it important to brush and floss our teeth every day?
    A. We have to brush and floss our teeth every day to remove food particles stuck in between our teeth.

    11. Draw a neat labelled diagram of the structure of teeth.
    A. Draw from Page 15.