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Lesson 1 – Human Body : The Food We Eat
Lesson 3 – Human body : The Digestive and Excretory systems
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2/7/20              Lesson 2 – Human Body -The Teeth

Answer the following:
1.   What is the importance of teeth in the human body?
A. Teeth helps to bite, chew and to break the food into smaller pieces.  It helps help us to speak.

2.   Which teeth will you use to tear the food like meat?
A. We will use canines to tear the food like meat.

3.   What are milk teeth also called?
A. The milk teeth are also called as temporary teeth.

4.   How many teeth will a five year old child have in his/her mouth? (OR) How many milk teeth does a child have in total?
A. They will have 20 milk teeth or temporary teeth. 

5.   Why do premolars and molars have a broad surface?
A. Premolars and molars have broad surface to crush and grind the food.

6.   Name the four kinds of teeth that are found in an adult. What are the functions of each type of tooth?
A. The four kinds of teeth are :
1)  Incisors     (2) Canines     (3) Premolars      (4) Molars




  No: of teeth



    Cutting and biting the food




       Tearing the food




Crushing and grinding the food




Crushing and grinding the food