Class 3 – Social Science
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1. What do the colours of the Indian flag mean ?

Ans. The Indian flag has three colours

▪︎Saffron stands for doing our duty with bravery and courage. 

▪︎White stands for truth

▪︎Green stands for the plant life of India. 

2.What is a festival  ? Which are the two types of festivals ?

Ans. A festival is a day or a few days when people stop working and celebrate a special event. The two types of festivals are seasonal festivals and religious festivals. 

3. Why should we avoid fire crackers ?

Ans. The smoke from the fire crackers pollute the environment , which in turn leads to many different illnesses. 

4.  Name the following. 

▪︎Bihu – harvest festival of Assam

▪︎Pongal  – harvest festival of Tamil Nadu

▪︎Buddha Purnima – birthday of Gautham Buddha

▪︎Gurupurab – birthdays of Sikh Gurus.

▪︎Mahavir Jayanti – birthday of Jain Guru , Mahavir

▪︎Navroze – new year of the Parsis.

▪︎ Holi – festival of colours.

▪︎ Diwali – festival of lights

▪︎ Christmas – birthday of Jesus Christ 

▪︎ Basant Panchami – people worship Saraswati , the hindu goddess of learning.