Class 3 – Social Science
About Lesson

Copy new words on page number 105 in the notebook under the heading define the following. 

Answer the following. 

1. Does the surface of the earth have more water or more land ?

Ans. Water covers nearly 3 parts of earth’s surface about 1part is land.So the surface of the earth has more water. 

2. Why do we find it difficult to breathe as we go higher and higher  ?

Ans. As we go higher, the atmosphere has less air and it becomes difficult to breathe. 

3. Name the 3 things that make life possible on earth. 

Ans. The water on the earth 

• the earth’s atmosphere 

• the heat and light of the sun.

4. How do we know that the earth is round  ?

Ans. We know that the earth is round from the photographs taken from the space. 

5. What is the shape of the earth called  ?

Ans. The shape of the earth is called a sphere.