Class 3 – Social Science
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    Copy new words on page number 114 under the heading define the following. 

    Answer the following. 

    1. What is a globe ?

    Ans. A globe is a model of the earth. It shows where the land and water are on the earth. 

    2. Differentiate between map and globe. 

    Ans. Globe                              Map

    • round in shape                 • flat in shape 

    • difficult to carry                • easy to carry 

    • gives information             • gives more 

                                                     Information than 


    3. Why are the lines drawn on maps ?

    Ans. The lines are drawn on map to find the places on them easily. 

    4. Why is an index useful in an atlas  ?

    Ans. An index is  useful in an atlas because it helps us to find places in maps. 

    5. Which direction does the needle of a compass point towards  ?

    Ans. The needle of a compass always points north.