Class 3 – Social Science
    About Lesson

    Copy new words on textbook page number 54 in your notebook under the heading define the following. 

    Answer the following. 

    1. What do you mean by ‘pay it forward’ ?

    Ans. When someone does a good deed for you,and you return it by doing a good deed for someone else, this is called ‘pay it forward ‘.

    2. What is braille and who invented braille script ?

    Ans. Braille is a form of writing for blind people. They read it by feeling the dots.Louis Braille invented the braille script .

    3. How does it feel when children get bullied ?

    Ans. Children feel lonely and unhappy when they get bullied. 

    4. Who was Stephen Hawking?

    Ans. Stephen Hawking was a famous scientist who cannot walk or speak.