Class 3 – Social Science
About Lesson

Answer the following. 

1. What is pollution  ? Name different types of pollution. 

Ans. Pollution means to make the air,water and soil dirty. Air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution .

2. Why should we keep our environment clean?

Ans. Pollution can make people ill. It is also bad for plants and animals.  So it is very important to keep our environment clean. 

3. Why is walking or cycling good for the environment ?

Ans. Walking or cycling is good for the environment because these do not cause air pollution. 

4. How do trees clean the air ?

Ans. Trees clean the air by taking in carbon dioxide and giving out oxygen,  which people and animals need to breathe. 

5. What is van Mahotsav ?

Ans. Van Mahotsav is a tree planting festival held in July every year.