Class 3 – Social Science
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Copy new words in page number 97 under the heading define the following. 

Answer the following. 

1. What is an orbit  ?

Ans. Each planet has its own path to move around the sun. This path is called its orbit. 

2. What is the name of the earth’s satellite  ?

Ans. The earth’s satellite is the moon. 

3. Why do the planets and the moon shine  ?

Ans. The planets and the moon shine because the light of the sun shines on them. 

4. Why do stars look so small to us ?

Ans. Stars look so small to us because they are very, very far away. 

5. Why is the sun called a star ?

Ans. All stars are huge ball of fire, so they shine brightly. Our sun is called a star as it also made up of burning gases and shines brightly. 

6. Which galaxy is the solar system located in?

Ans. Solar system is located in the Milky Way galaxy.