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LESSON 1 : Story of the past
LESSON 2 : Sources of history
Lesson 3 : Timelines and calendars
Lesson 4 : A Good Citizen
Lesson 4 : A Good Citizen
LESSON 5 : The four domains of the earth.
LESSON 10 : political divisions of north India
LESSON 11 : political divisions of east India
LESSON 12 : political divisions of north east India
LESSON 13 : Political divisions of central India
LESSON 14 : political divisions of western India
LESSON 15 : political divisions of south India
LESSON 17 : our environment – pollution and protection
Class 4 – Social Science
    About Lesson

    I. Copy down new words in page number 52 under the heading define the following. 

    II. Answer the following. 

    1. What is a mountain range? Give an example. 

    Ans. A chain of mountains which are formed together is known as mountain range. Eg – The Himalayas.

    2. How rivers are formed?

    Ans. Rivers are formed when water flows continuously from high land to low land.

    3. What is a plain ?

    Ans. A stretch of low , flat land or almost flat land is called a plain. 

    4. How is a plain formed ?

    Ans. A plain is formed when rivers bring down mud and soil from the mountains. 

    5. What is a desert ?

    Ans. A desert is a dry land which receives little or no rainfall every year. 

    6. What is the difference between hotand cold deserts ? Give an example each.

    Ans. Hot deserts are sandy,windy,hot and very dry.Eg – Sahara desert.

    Cold deserts are large areas of frozen land.  Eg – Antarctica.