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LESSON 1 : Story of the past
LESSON 2 : Sources of history
Lesson 3 : Timelines and calendars
Lesson 4 : A Good Citizen
Lesson 4 : A Good Citizen
LESSON 5 : The four domains of the earth.
LESSON 10 : political divisions of north India
LESSON 11 : political divisions of east India
LESSON 12 : political divisions of north east India
LESSON 13 : Political divisions of central India
LESSON 14 : political divisions of western India
LESSON 15 : political divisions of south India
LESSON 17 : our environment – pollution and protection
Class 4 – Social Science
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    Copy new words in page number 117 under the heading define the following. 

    Answer the following. 

    1. What is Bhimbetka famous for  ?

    Ans. Bhimbetka is known for its pre historic rock art.

    2. Why is Madhya Pradesh some times called the heart of India  ?

    Ans. Madhya Pradesh is sometimes called the heart of India as it lies in the centre of India. 

    3. Why are many factories located in Jharkhand  ?

    Ans. Many factories are located in Jharkhand as the state has lot of iron and coal which are used in many  factories. 

    4. What are the main occupations of the tribal people in Jharkhand?

    Ans. The main occupations of the tribal people in these states are making handicrafts and ornaments. 

    5. What are some of the things that are made from the trees in the forests of chattisgarh?

    Ans. The trees in chattisgarh are used to make resin,  incense, medicines and beedis.

    6. Name two old monuments in Telungana.

    Ans. Thousand pillar temple and Golconda Fort.

    7. In what two ways are these four states of central India similar  ?

    Ans. These four states have rocky terrain and is mostly very hot and dry .