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LESSON 1 : Story of the past
LESSON 2 : Sources of history
Lesson 3 : Timelines and calendars
Lesson 4 : A Good Citizen
Lesson 4 : A Good Citizen
LESSON 5 : The four domains of the earth.
LESSON 10 : political divisions of north India
LESSON 11 : political divisions of east India
LESSON 12 : political divisions of north east India
LESSON 13 : Political divisions of central India
LESSON 14 : political divisions of western India
LESSON 15 : political divisions of south India
LESSON 17 : our environment – pollution and protection
Class 4 – Social Science
    About Lesson

    Copy new words from textbook page number 44 under the heading Define the following in the notebook. 

    Answer the following. 

    1. Name four domains of the earth. 

    Ans. Hydrosphere, Lithosphere, Atmosphere and Biosphere. 

    2. What is atmosphere ? Give two ways in which the atmosphere is useful.

    Ans. The layer of air that surround the earth is called atmosphere.

    * It blocks the harmful rays of the sun.

    *  It contains oxygen which is needed for plants and animals to survive. 

    3. Write in two sentences how lithosphere is useful. 

    Ans. Lithosphere is useful as iron and coal are found in the rocky layer of the earth. 

    * When rocks break down over hundreds of years ; soil is formed and soil is essential  for  plants to grow. 

    4. What is Biosphere ?

    Ans. Biosphere is the part of earth’s surface and atmosphere in which plants and animals can live .

    5. Give three examples of habitats found on earth. 

    Ans. Underwater,  jungle  and desert. 

    6. Write about the layers of earth.

    Ans. Earth has three layers 

    1. Crust – Outermost layer of earth that has water, rocks and soil.

    2. Mantle – Layer that comes after crust.Its upper part is hard rock. 

    3. Core – Innermost layer and it is very hot. Molten rocks are seen here.