Mother Nature – an untold story

trees in park

I walk in pastures, in valleys, in plains

I walk and walk until I

turn around and see.

The gleaming eyes of mother nature,

From the depths of the sea,

To the stars of the sky

Mother Natures has a charming smile,

Oh! I wonder how the sun rises and sets

People think hard creaking their brains,

And try to reveal the wonders

Of Mother Nature….

Her Voyage


As she was born,

she started her voyage,

into an infinite sea,

which only god could see.

she met people,places and events,

as she went on……

She was neglected by all,

knowing she was a maiden.

she added emotions into her world

knowing each as deep as sea,

she fell hard in the storm,

cried as much as she could,

she changed her tears………

into swords

Learning a new medium,surviving

until her last breath,

as she reached her destination


Niranjana of VIII is a promising young talent who has show cased her abilities in different ways.

This Moment

The Moment

When did we change,

From flying paper planes,

And driving wooden trains,

In those days.

And when did we grow ,

From angels in the snow,

Lots of things we didn’t know,

Of the moment.

Can you remember those days,

When we never again did play,

Our childhood wasted away,

All because ……..

Of that moment.

And when did we get older,

Our dreams got smaller,

So now, the only that’s left is……….

This anguished moment.

Haya Shyamlak

Haya Shyamlak,a young,budding,creative,poet of 7A

By My Blue World

Depths of the Ocean

I wonder how it feels to be,

Under the beautiful, blue sea.

With the fishes whales and mermaids,

and the loneliness of the sea.

Just wonder how much fun it’ll be,

To visit the mermaid land so deep.

To know just where they play and learn,

A mystery that’s never been solved

Just wonder how much fun it’ll be,

To be in the wonderland so far.

Behind the oceans and waves and tide,

In the land so far and wide.

Arshya Koushit Raj

 Creative imagination of Arshya Koushit Raj std 7A

Mother Nature

You have many things to show,

that makes our mind to blow

The trees, plants and animals,

That is what everyone tells.

You make Earth a beautiful place,

You make Our thoughts to blaze.

Some are cruel and some are evil,

Anyway, everything You heal.

You teach everyone a lesson,

’cause they tease you for no reason.

You give our life a meaning,

Without even meeting.


Mother nature, as it appeals to Vinay of 7B is wonderful, caring and excellent.

The Day Of Kerala Piravie

The Day Of Kerala Piravie

I search the land,

where the green is common.

I found the god’s own country,

Wide of acre, the coconut trees.

Green, green, green,

The eyes full of green.

The day of Kerala Piravi,

The white sarees and the white dhotis.

The day of Kerala Piravi, glittering

with the 14 rarest diamonds,

and Thiruvanthpuram as the

capital diamond of Kerala.


S.V Anatha Krishna

S.V Anatha Krishnan, a student of 6th A of St. Mary’s English Medium School, Chevarambalam has a wide range of imagination and creativity