Mother Nature – an untold story

trees in park

I walk in pastures, in valleys, in plains

I walk and walk until I

turn around and see.

The gleaming eyes of mother nature,

From the depths of the sea,

To the stars of the sky

Mother Natures has a charming smile,

Oh! I wonder how the sun rises and sets

People think hard creaking their brains,

And try to reveal the wonders

Of Mother Nature….

Mother Nature

You have many things to show,

that makes our mind to blow

The trees, plants and animals,

That is what everyone tells.

You make Earth a beautiful place,

You make Our thoughts to blaze.

Some are cruel and some are evil,

Anyway, everything You heal.

You teach everyone a lesson,

’cause they tease you for no reason.

You give our life a meaning,

Without even meeting.


Mother nature, as it appeals to Vinay of 7B is wonderful, caring and excellent.