School Cabinet 2023-24

The school went to polls through an installed computer App on Wednesday, 14 June. Students of grade eight and above cast their votes for the apt candidates. Students of grade X, XI and XII submitted their candidature for eight posts. Result was declared in the afternoon. Investiture ceremony, the swearing in of the newly elected cabinet ministers took place on Saturday, 24 June 2023 in the school auditorium. The Chief Guest of the occasion was  Marian alumnus Mr.Athul Murali (Naik, Indian Army). Honourable principal, Sr. Anice gave the introductory address while the chief guest reflected on the nostalgic memories of his school life.

At the helm of the school Parliament —–


Head Boy                                                Ishaan Kottiyath                                     UKG. B

Head Girl                                                Bhadra Jayanarayanan                            UKG. C


Head Boy                                               Parthiv. V.                                                 IV A

Head Girl                                               Aileen Ann Aju                                           IV A

Sports Minister                                      Gourav Raj                                                IV C

Cultural Minister                                   Virat.S                                                       IV B  


Diamond                                               Ayisha Naeema                                         IV C

Emerald                                                Mohamed Aibak Rafi.A                              IV A

Ruby                                                     Vismaya Rajeev                                        IV B

Sapphire                                               Rayan John Rajesh                                   IV C


Head Boy                                              Vishnu Vijayakumar                                    XI

Head Girl                                              Niranjana S Ravi                                        XII

Cultural Minister                                   Arshya Kousithraj                                      XI

Sports Minister                                    Allen A K                                                    XI


Diamond                                                Nyveath Praveen                                        X B

Emerald                                                 Jagadev C J                                               X A

Ruby                                                      S.V. Anantha Krishnan                                X B

Sapphire                                                Sanila Nair.                                                X B 


“Great leaders don’t tell you what to do, they tell  you how it is done.”

Elections are an integral and essential part of a school. It is a process where the candidates need to show their achievements to prove that they are capable. This was done through online canvassing.

The students of 8th to  12th went to the polls on 13th August, to elect the  representatives of the school cabinet.

The right to vote is viewed as a right, privilege, duty and responsibility.

So this election 20 -21 provided a way to the students to assert their voice, opinion and choose their leaders by casting votes in favour of their candidates.

Being a student representative is so rewarding, especially when you see the change and the impact on the students life during their time at school.

Somewhere inside these great leaders there is the power to change the world.

We wish all the elected representatives of the School Cabinet, to do their duties sincerely, responsibility and to the best of their ability.

May God  bless them.


Dear students,  here is the result of the school cabinet election. 

Our Head Boy Master DRUPAD  and Ruby House Captain Kumari JANICE have been elected without any opponent. Congrats to both of them.


Head Girl – Kumari AMRUTHALAKSHMI won the post with a good majority. Congrats to Amrutha lakshmi.


Our  Sports Minister – Master A.R. GOPIKRISHNA,

Cultural Minister – Kumari SIVAGANGA, 

Diamond House Captain – Kumari MIHIRA, 

Emerald House Captain – Kumari HIMA THOMAS and Sapphire House Captain 

Kumari FATHIMA AMAL also won with a good majority. Congrats to all the winners.

May God help you to do your duties to the best of your ability.


Sr Anice

Head girl: Amrutha Lakshmi
Head Girl - AmruthaLakshmi
Head boy: Drupad
Head Boy - Drupad
Cultural Minister Sivaganga
Cultural Minister - Sivaganga
Sports Minister - Gopi krishna
House Diamond Mihra
House Diamond Captain - Mihra
House Ruby Jannice
House Ruby Captain - Jannice
House Sappire Fathima
House Sappire Captain - Fathima
Hima Thomas
Emerald House Captain - Hima Thomas