Kindergarten convocation day 2023-24

Overwhelming victory in cultural events 2023-24

  • School actively  took part in the ASISC zonal& regional events . The trophies and accolades grabbed by our students’ demands tremendous amount of appreciations.
  • Category I  lifted  zonal overall II runners up position.
  • Category III  & IV secured  I  runners up in the zonal level.
  • Category V bagged I runners up position in the zonal and overall II runners up position in the regional level.

Unparalleled victory with determination-2023-24

It is the matter of prestige that our school secured the following   regional and zonal level trophies. We are the

  • Regional winners of U14 boys Kabaddi
  • U17 girls Kho-kho
  • U 19 boys Kabaddi
  • U 19 boys skating
  • U14 girls skating
  • &I runners up of U19 boys chess
  • Zonal champions of boys categories of chess
  • Zonal winners of U 19 boys karate
  • Zonal I runners up of U17 boys karate
  • Zonal I runners up of U14 boys karate
  • & I runner up of U19 girls  yoga

St.Mary’s hosted 2 zonal sports events and one regional event. We hosted zonal and regional karate championships in our campus& skating regional  at the hired premises of St.Patrick , Mananthawady.