Annual Report 2021-2022 (26-Feb-2022)

Annual report Introduction to Marian Silver Fiesta 2021-2022,

Dated :26/02/2022

Dear Dignitaries, Shri. M. K Raghavan, M P Kozhikode,  Shri Thottathil Raveendran, MLA Kozhikode North, Mar Remigiose Inchananiyil,  Bishop  Diocese of Thamarassery, Rev Sr.Shaina SJC, Education Councillor St Joseph’s congregation, Smt. V. Prasanna, Ward Councilor, Kudilthode, Rev. Fr. Jacob Moorikkunnel CMI, General Co-ordinator, Mr. Denzil Poppen, Former school Principal, Mr. Sony Alex, PTA President, Rev. Sr. Sibeena SJC, Former School Manager, Religious Fraternity, Principals of neighbouring schools and well-wishers, parents and students a pleasant evening to all present here.

“A Tree is known by its fruits” says Bible. May the light of this Bible sentence enlighten each one of us today.

I am here to give a brief introduction to the School Report which is a visual treat prepared by English Department Headed by Mrs. Beena B and a team of 5 members, Juile Maam, Sr. Nihisha, Mrs. Geeta Mrs, Shitha, Mrs. Jyothi Unnikrishnan.

St Marys’ E M School, began its history just like a sapling in 1996 with 50 kids in Kg and its school section was inaugurated in 1997 with a new building (Sr. Soly, Sr. Sajini & Sarasu chachy are present here, as they were the witness of the first inauguration) Now it has grown into a big tree. Though it is located at  Chevarambalam  Junction, school has got a peaceful and favourable atmosphere for learning. Today St. Marys adorns herself in silver colour to celebrate 25 years. Looking back with a nostalgic feeling of 14 years of my experience, it is not that easy to forget the twists and turns, and the ups and downs that have taken place in my career since I expected it as the responsibility of a principal. I have started my job here as a teacher, Vice-Principal cum administrator in 2005 APRIL

In 2005 onwards, without even my knowledge I started training myself for this profession by giving assistance to Popen Sir the then principal and gained confidence in the profession taking direction from Sr.Jenet the then manager. I learnt several things, discharged my duties in multiple roles, faced many adversities, and challenges, and tasted many bitter and sweet experiences from the Chevarambalam locality from all sides in the day to day running of the school. Today I am here to thank God for those experiences, I thank the people of Chevarambalam and I thank all those who were with me. I realized that difficulties are not to destroy us, but to help us  realize our hidden potential and make life meaningful. Presently my heart is filled with joy and gratitude as the school is on the threshold of celebrating its Silver Jubilee Closing Ceremony. I feel very proud to be an integral part of this MILESTONE and am conscious of myself to discharge my responsibilities positively and also in a passionate way. I am indebted to God and my Superiors of the congregation for entrusting me with this responsibility throughout these many years.

Yes, friends Today there is a sense of satisfaction and pride in acknowledging that ST. Marys’ School, Chevarambalam has taken rapid strides to establish itself as one of the leading ICSE/ISC schools in Kozhikode. Along with Deivadasan Thommiachan let me say with the members of my congregation that, this temple of learning has become the light of this locality. Its exciting journey has been marked by a period of visionary planning, sustained hard work, clear and focused vision and mission. As we journey towards the Golden Year, may our school keep GIVING LIGHT TO THIS LOCALITY with the motto “With Light to the World”.

This closing ceremony intends to give a picture of the genesis of this temple of learning and also it explains the gradual growth of the school as a Big Family namely Marian Family. When I say Marian family it means a lot because its growth as a family is a step-by-step and continuing process. Thanks be to God who binds us together as one family with cords of love and understanding.

I am very much grateful to all those who have contributed for concluding this silver year and making it jubilant and blessed. I thank all the dignitaries for their graceful presence. I thank and greet everyone who did the coordination work of this event as a memorable one. I specially thank Fr Jacob Murikkunnel for his special contribution in school matters. My sisters in the community give me daily energy to act through their prayerful and moral support. The staff teaching and non teaching are my limbs to move and act, specially my coordinators are my ears, eyes and even tongue at times. PTA executives and the parent community are very much understanding about the school situation, which gives me a kind of scaffolding to withstand. The tremendous help I got from well wishers benefactors and friends from the surrounding area cannot be defined. Last but very important the spiritual energy my soul receives daily from the Cross, from Bible and from Daily mass cannot be counted/measured/ is priceless. Let me conclude this brief introduction by quoting the same Bible sentence “A tree is known by its fruits”



Sr Anice SJC

Students from ICSE board have got the top-notch point

Dear parents and well-wishers,
Please read the following circular.
Obtaining a high score in ICSE/ISC exams needs strenuous hard work. But the wide and in-depth knowledge that the students gain helps them excel in their future career. They are better prepared to crack the entrance exams. KEAM 2021 Result bears testimony to this. Students from ICSE board have performed remarkably well that more than 20% of them have got the top notch point.

Yes st Mary’s takes proud to send out ICSE /ISC batch

My Mother – My BFF

I have a mother, who is very brilliant,

And on whom I am very reliant.

I can trust her with my eyes blind,

As she is so very kind.

When in need, she comes to me racing,

As she is very amazing!

To her, I bow,

As she is like a magical cove!

To her low, I bend,

For she is my forever friend!

Aarushi Jithesh, of Class VII A has written a sweet poem about her  ‘forever friend’ – her mother! This poem has been published in Booksomaina – Check it here


“Great leaders don’t tell you what to do, they tell  you how it is done.”

Elections are an integral and essential part of a school. It is a process where the candidates need to show their achievements to prove that they are capable. This was done through online canvassing.

The students of 8th to  12th went to the polls on 13th August, to elect the  representatives of the school cabinet.

The right to vote is viewed as a right, privilege, duty and responsibility.

So this election 20 -21 provided a way to the students to assert their voice, opinion and choose their leaders by casting votes in favour of their candidates.

Being a student representative is so rewarding, especially when you see the change and the impact on the students life during their time at school.

Somewhere inside these great leaders there is the power to change the world.

We wish all the elected representatives of the School Cabinet, to do their duties sincerely, responsibility and to the best of their ability.

May God  bless them.


Dear students,  here is the result of the school cabinet election. 

Our Head Boy Master DRUPAD  and Ruby House Captain Kumari JANICE have been elected without any opponent. Congrats to both of them.


Head Girl – Kumari AMRUTHALAKSHMI won the post with a good majority. Congrats to Amrutha lakshmi.


Our  Sports Minister – Master A.R. GOPIKRISHNA,

Cultural Minister – Kumari SIVAGANGA, 

Diamond House Captain – Kumari MIHIRA, 

Emerald House Captain – Kumari HIMA THOMAS and Sapphire House Captain 

Kumari FATHIMA AMAL also won with a good majority. Congrats to all the winners.

May God help you to do your duties to the best of your ability.


Sr Anice

Head girl: Amrutha Lakshmi
Head Girl - AmruthaLakshmi
Head boy: Drupad
Head Boy - Drupad
Cultural Minister Sivaganga
Cultural Minister - Sivaganga
Sports Minister - Gopi krishna
House Diamond Mihra
House Diamond Captain - Mihra
House Ruby Jannice
House Ruby Captain - Jannice
House Sappire Fathima
House Sappire Captain - Fathima
Hima Thomas
Emerald House Captain - Hima Thomas


                    A Note of Appreciation

    ” A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work”

   St.Mary’s has once again proved to be the most promising , celebrated and prestigious  ICSE school in Calicut. With great pride and excitement, we would like to applaud and congratulate the victorious students who have conquered a new horizon and scaled new heights, elevating the glory of St Mary’s. We are proud of your accomplishments. Believe in yourself, for you are stronger than you know. Do not rest solely on these achievements. Continue to strive towards even loftier goals. YES, you did it children!!!!  Enjoy the fruits of your labour. 

When our students outshine and set an example for others to follow, we, as teachers are beaming with pride! The hard work that we put in day after day often goes unnoticed, but the phenomenal feat of our students speaks of a blend of our calibre, commitment and dedication. We are really proud of our star performers who brought accolades and glory to our school. Thank you all for the uncompromising service and for being instrumental in making this happen. 

       Once again, we thank our dear children for lifting the flag of St.Mary’s higher . Your presence decorated the classroom, your laughter   and chirpy conversations brought us joy. Your meritorious performance is awe inspiring!! Our heartfelt gratitude to each one of you for striving and toiling for the best outputs and for making this dream come true….

                                                               OUR RESULT (2019-20)

                    No of Students Appeared ICSE 2019-20                                    80

                    No of Students Secured 90% and Above                                   40

                    No of Students Secured 80% and above                                   24

                    No of Students Secured Between 60%-80%                             16

                    Class Average (ICSE) of the school in the year 2019-20          85.4%

                     Pass Percentage of the school (ICSE& ISC)                           100% 

                     Percentage of Marks of ICSE Topper                                      97.6%

                     Percentage of Marks of ISC Topper                                        82%


Blog Editorial Team 2019-20

Students contribute their visual art/performing arts to the blog. A group of students with the help of mentor faculty, Mrs. Jyothi Unnikrishnan upload their work.

Every Tuesday blog members have a meeting to discuss the forthcoming activities, and how to motivate students for active participation. The uploading of articles take place on every Saturday. They have a keen interest in all these things.

Blog Members - St. Mary's English Medium School
Mrs. Jyothi Unnikrishnan
Student Class
Neal SanthoshVII C
Jeevan VIII A
Hana FathimaVIII A
Shreya SanjayVIII B
Esha Manoj IX A
PradhulalIX B
Helen ThomasXI