A Note of Appreciation

    ” A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work”

   St.Mary’s has once again proved to be the most promising , celebrated and prestigious  ICSE school in Calicut. With great pride and excitement, we would like to applaud and congratulate the victorious students who have conquered a new horizon and scaled new heights, elevating the glory of St Mary’s. We are proud of your accomplishments. Believe in yourself, for you are stronger than you know. Do not rest solely on these achievements. Continue to strive towards even loftier goals. YES, you did it children!!!!  Enjoy the fruits of your labour. 

When our students outshine and set an example for others to follow, we, as teachers are beaming with pride! The hard work that we put in day after day often goes unnoticed, but the phenomenal feat of our students speaks of a blend of our calibre, commitment and dedication. We are really proud of our star performers who brought accolades and glory to our school. Thank you all for the uncompromising service and for being instrumental in making this happen. 

       Once again, we thank our dear children for lifting the flag of St.Mary’s higher . Your presence decorated the classroom, your laughter   and chirpy conversations brought us joy. Your meritorious performance is awe inspiring!! Our heartfelt gratitude to each one of you for striving and toiling for the best outputs and for making this dream come true….

                                                               OUR RESULT (2019-20)

                    No of Students Appeared ICSE 2019-20                                    80

                    No of Students Secured 90% and Above                                   40

                    No of Students Secured 80% and above                                   24

                    No of Students Secured Between 60%-80%                             16

                    Class Average (ICSE) of the school in the year 2019-20          85.4%

                     Pass Percentage of the school (ICSE& ISC)                           100% 

                     Percentage of Marks of ICSE Topper                                      97.6%

                     Percentage of Marks of ISC Topper                                        82%


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