Growth Curve in Sports 2019-20

1) In the North zone kho-kho tournament, our school won first runner-up position. Three of our kho-kho team members- Aakanksha- XI, Catherine-IX and Keerthana-X had been selected for state level.
2) In the North zone Throw Ball Tournament, our school stood first. Aakanksha and Lavannya of XI, Nanda Sivan and Mihra of IX got selection into the state team.
3) Our football team member- Alan.N.K of X got selection into the state football team.
4) In the North zone karate championship, Agraj of X won the gold medal in the junior boys’ category and Vishnu Prasad won the silver medal in the junior boys under 45 category. He is the champion of International Muay Thai Championship held in Thailand, Bangkok.
5) Ahmed C.O.T has secured II and III places in 500 and 1000 metres quad skating respectively in the North zone skating championship. He has also secured second place in Ring 500 metres and Ring 1000 metres, as well as third place in Road Race, held at District level.
6) Aditya Kannan has secured second place in 500 metres inline skating and third place in 1000 metres inline skating. He secured the gold medal in the 15th Kerala state sub-junior roll ball championship.
7) Thamanna Lal of VIII is the winner of North zone and State sub-junior singles badminton championship for girls.
8) Glen Sojan of secured II position in sub-junior singles boys badminton tournament became the winner of under 15 sub-junior singles badminton is the winner and secured third place in the under 15 sub-junior National badminton tournament.
9) Gopikrishna of X won third place in the north zone under 15 table tennis tournament.
10) Eva .S.Bageesh secured 5th position in .177,10 metres District open Sight Air rifle. She also grabbed three silver medals in the 52 nd state-level shooting championship and 5th position in the pre-national open sight air rifle.
11) Abhinav George of X secured many prizes in athletics :
i) winner of junior 400 metres race and he reached the finishing point in 59.87 seconds.
ii) winner of junior 800 metres race. He is the individual champion of north zone junior boys category.
iii) bagged the first place in the State level 400 metres race by reaching the finishing point in 56.89 seconds.
iv) bagged the third place in the state level 800 metres race.
v) North zone relay team which comprises Abhinav George won first place in 4x 400 metres relay. He represented Kerala in the 4x 400 metres relay during National athletics meet.
vi)He is the individual champion of North zone junior boys category, by scoring an aggregate of 10 points.
12) Bhagat Shyam of XI secured first prize in the north zone under 17 javelin throw. He could cover a distance of 44.25 metres. He won first place by breaking the school record and covered the distance of 36.44mtr in the javelin throw. He also represented Kerala in the National Athletics meet.
13) Jissy Jacob of X secured 2 nd prize in the north zone high jump by covering the distance of 1.18 metres.
14) In the North zone Under 17 junior girls relay our school team won the third position.

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