Love You Say

I close my eyes

I see you and the lights

I opened them to see nothing but lies

TELL ME!! Tell me at least just once

Why? Why only to you all this doesn’t make any sense.

I hope, I wish, I pray

That someday I may

Get this strength, the power

To rise up, to stand high even though

You say it’s all over.

How come you don’t understand me?

The way I smile, you think you know me!!

Have you got any idea of the pain inside me?

The anger, the guilt, the unconditional love…

It’s killing me purely and entirely.

Please, just once tell me how!!

How could you do this to me?

Despite the feeling I still hold for you!!

I don’t know what to do, don’t what to feel…

Just confused, depressed, and numb.

You saw me, you found me

You loved me, you had me

But later everything changed

You broke me, you tore my heart apart

Your love for me started fading away.

I still miss you, but I don’t say it anymore

Your love once touched me to the core

I never knew how I could ever live without you

I hide my pain with a smile

Even though happiness is away by a mile.

Fathima Amal


Fathima Amal of Class IX

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