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   A Circle is a simple closed figure all of whose points are at the same distance from a fixed point  O ( Centre of the circle) in the same plane.

  • Radius is the line segment joining the centre of a circle to any point on the circle

  • Chord is a line segment joining any two points on a circle.

  • Diameter is a chord that passes through the centre of the circle. It is the longest chord in the circle. It is twice the radius.

  • Circumference is the distance around a circle.

  • Secant is a line which intersects or meets the circle at two distinct points.

  • Arc is a part ( continuous) of a circle.

  • A diameter divides a circle two equal parts which are called semicircles.

  • A chord of a circle divides the area enclosed by it into two parts which are called Segments.

  • Sector is the part of a circle enclosed by any two radii of the circle

  • If the two radii are at right angles to each other the sector is called a quadrant.