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Chapter : Basic geometrical ideas

  • Points – points are exact location in space Huand ate named by using capital letters 

  • Line- The representation of a line has only length and no width or thickness. A line has no end points. A line extends infinitely in both directions.

  • There are an unlimited number of points on a line.

  • There are an unlimited number of lines through a point.

  • Two lines can intersect in only one point

  • Exactly one line passes through two points.

  • Two lines in the same plane that do not meet are parallel lines.

  • Ray-A ray has one end point and extends without limit in one direction from the end point.

  • Line segment- it is a portion of line with two fixed end points.

  • Angle – An angle is made up of two rays that have the same end points. The end point at which the two rays meet is called vertex of the angle. Each of the rays that from the angle are called the arms of the angle.