Class 6 – ENGLISH II
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  1. The name Prometheus means ‘forethought’.
  2. Epimetheus was the son of a great Titan, Lapetus, and the brother of Prometheus.
  3. Epimetheus was given the responsibility of creating and protecting living beings. Not only did he thoughtlessly create living beings, he also didn’t do anything to protect or preserve them. He didn’t think about them or their future. This upset Prometheus.
  4. All the statements are false. (FILL ONLY IN TEXT)
  5. Prometheus found a tall stalk of fennel and used it to steal a spark from Zeus’ lightning bolt. The stalk caught fire and he gave it to humankind.
  6. Zeus was furious that Prometheus had disobeyed him and imparted the knowledge of fire to humankind, so he chained Prometheus to the side of Mount Caucasus to suffer there till the end of time.


  1. Humankind was worse off than beasts without fire because they were living in caves and in holes of the earth, shivering from the cold, dying of starvation, hunted by wild beasts and by each other
  2. The people didn’t believe that Prometheus was there to help them, they were living under such miserable conditions that they didn’t believe anybody actually wanted to help them.