Class 6 – ENGLISH II
About Lesson


  1. According to the poet, we need every bit of the body, the skin, the bone, the blood and the muscle to keep our body fit.
  2. According to the poet, the earth needs grass, tree, mud, stick, stone and everything that grows naturally.


1.Nature and harmony, planet Earth, environmental issues and protecting the Earth are some of themes of the poem.

  1. The poet has capitalised the initial letter of the word ‘Earth’ as it is being used as a proper noun. The poet has spoken about the Earth as though it were a living thing.

3.The Earth is our home and we are thebresidents of the Earth. We have only each other and one cant survive without the other. The Earth has provided for us and we should, in turm, take care of the Earth.


1.Every year on Earth Day,we should renew our vows to protect the Earth and think about the ways in which we can care for the Earth.

2.The poem makes me feel closer to the Earth,and even more determined to protect her. I shall encourage my friends and family to carefully nurture her,in good and bad times.