Online events of 2021-2022

Every academic year is a significant milestone. This year, 2021-22 ,school resumed on the 1st of June and a special assembly was held. Teachers and students invoked God’s blessings through reverential prayers and the principal addressed the students with the verse of the jubilee year- “I have carved you in the palm of my hand” from the Holy Bible. Head Boy Musthafa Dorajiwala delivered a motivational speech based on the theme, ‘Chase perfection to catch excellence’. Altogether, this gathering helped students to refuel, rejuvenate and revive themselves after a long summer break.

Classes were continued online along with recorded videos on the moodle platform. The learning management system of NLP has a very complete virtual classroom. From a virtual blackboard to a sharing screen, it provides all we need for an amazing class experience. Proctoring system during exams ensures its effectiveness and authenticity.

School Cabinet was constituted after an online election through voting system. At the Investiture Ceremony, responsibilities were conferred to the selected students. Sub collector of Kozhikode, Ms.Priyanka, IAS was the chief guest.

PTA executive committee is a syndicate of parents and teachers who work together for the welfare of the students, parents and teachers. This year also, PTA executive body was constituted to continue the constructive activities of school in partnership with the parents.

Online Cultural fest ‘Marian Varnolsav’ was conducted. Around 500 students showcased their talents in various onstage and offstage events. Chief Guest was Gimmy John, Director of music Schools.

Excellence in academics is the hallmark of our school. CISCE announced the results of ICSE/ISC in the month of July and our school achieved 100% result. Out of 25 students of class XII , eleven students secured 90% and above. Out of 76 students of class X, 45 students secured 90% and above. Emil Rose Joy with 94.25% and Himanshi Singla with 98.4%  secured the position of school toppers in ISC and ICSE respectively.Toppers were felicitated during Independence Day celebration. Chief Guest was Rev.Fr. Sibin Koottakallunkal.

Orientation programmes always help students prepare for a succesful career.  Taking into consideration, the academic and the mental well being of the students and parents during pandemic, orientation programmes were organised twice for the entire school. Resource person for the first orientation was Dr.Alex George, Pala College of Teachers’ training. He focused on facilitating students’ achievement and thus promoting their mental health.  The resource person of the next session was Dr.Isaac Thomas who is a trainer, counsellor and career mentor. He encapsulated the need to encounter the challenges of the new virtual education system.

KG Colour Day

Colour day  was a wonderful experience for our little ones. They enjoyed each and every moment of the day. We celebrated the day through online and  offline on 28th and 30th October 2021. It was really a colourful day. Offline celebration was inaugurated by our Principal, Sr. Anice and other Sisters. Kids dressed in different colour outfits made them feel like the butterflies in a garden. This day helped the kids to develop the observation and  learning skills. We could see the brightness, love and happiness on their faces. Activities like  colouring the pictures, sorting the objects, exhibiting the different colour objects etc  helped to develop the cognitive skills. Kids decorated their background with the primary colours. They enjoyed to the fullest by doing the activities with their friends and teachers.  Sang songs and danced along with their mentors. Teachers and kids spoke about the colour objects.  The classrooms and doors were decorated with colour cutouts and colourful hangings. A lovely day passed by getting introduced to colour of love and happiness. It was an amazing  learning experience  for the kids. The colour day celebrations ended with a beautiful smile on each and every kid.

As a part of the onam celebration, students and their family members wholeheartedly participated in the onapattu matsaram, Onanilavu.

Teachers’ Day was celebrated virtually. Various programmes were presented by students for their loving teachers

At the end of several fatiguing months of restrictions, offline classes were started in November as per the guidelines given by the State authority. All the standard safety procedures were observed and students entered the school premises with much hope and aspiration. This post-COVID reopening tookplace alongwith Kerala Piravi celebrations and the theme for the academic year,2021-22 ‘Light Tomorrow with Today’ was revealed. In between, as the COVID cases increased, schools were asked to shift back to online classes. When the situation improved, school resumed the physical classes again from first week of February .

We make our students abundantly rich in our culture and tradition too. Grandparents’ Day was celebrated virtually to awake this feeling in children. More than 600 grandparents participated in the virtual gathering. That gave our children an opportunity to remind themselves of what grandparents mean to them. Though their eyes were welled up, they were beaming with pride and joy when the children presented flowers to them and they were  very much moved and inspired too by this kind gesture . 25 grandparents aged 80 plus were selected according to their age and were felicitated by the school, during Christmas celebration.

Marian Floreat, the virtual Sports competition successfully took place with the participation of 750 students.

When it marks our school’s quadrascentennial year, Inter School Debate Competetion, ‘Marian Samvad’ was yet another important milestone, which has been organised in the fond memory of Mother Josephina. The appreciations given by Education Counselor, Sr. Shaina, SJC, principals and judges were noteworthy.

A gathering of Marian alumni was organised on 11th December.

In the midst of pandemic too, St. Mary’s shared the joy of Christmas and wished everyone a year of peace and happiness. To inculcate the values of brotherhood and empathy in students, in addition to creative competitions like card making, snow man making and Christmas tree making, the day was blessed when differently abled students from Karuna School visited us. Everyone was overwhelmed by the generosity of our students that the presents they brought were sufficient enough to be gifted to all the students of Karuna School, Asha Kiran and also the students of St.Vincent Home.

YIP, an initiative of K-DISC (Kerala Development and innovation Strategy Council) accepted the idea (web development to solve problems of adolescents) presented by our school team guided by Ms.Shanila. Our team is one among the five teams who got selection after a cut-throat competition in the state level.

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