CLASS 9 – Biology
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1. Incomplete flower: The flower in which  one or more sets of floral stuctures are missing .

2.Staminate flower :The flowers in which stamen are the only essential or reproductive part present.

3.Pistillate flower: The flowers in which pistils are the only essential or reproductive part.

4. Bisexual flower:The flower which contains stamens & carpels.


1.Flower & Inflorescence

   Flower is the specialised shoot in which the leaves are modified to floral structures whereas inflorescence is the mode of arrangement of flowers on the axis of the plant.

2.Petals & petalloid sepals

Petal is 2nd  whorl in a flower which is brightly colored, whereas if the sepals are brightly colored like petals we call it as petalloid sepals.

3. Polyandraus and polyadelphous androecium

Polyandrous- Stamens are free

Polyadelphous- Cohesion (joining) of stamens in several groups

1.What are bracts? State their function

Bract is a leaf like structure, from its axil, the flower arises.Bract may be green in colour like leaf or may be brightly coloured. Coloured bract attracts pollinating agents. Green coloured bract takes part in photosynthesis & gives protection to the flower inside.

2.Explain the terms 

Monadelphous- Stamens are united in one group by thir filaments.  Only anthers are china rose

Diadelphous- The filaments united in two bundles eg: Pea

Polyadelphous- The filaments united in several groups. eg; Bombax