CLASS 12 – Physics

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Course Content

Chapter 4- Capacitors and dielectrics

Chapter 5 – Electric resistance and ohm’s law

Chapter6- Dc circuits and measurements

Chapter 7- moving charges and magnetism

Chapter 8- Torque on a current loop:Moving coil galvanometer

Chapter 9- Magnetic field and Earth’s magnetism

Chapter10- Magnetic classification of substances

Chapter 11- Electromagnetic induction

Chapter12-Ac circuits

Chapter 13- Electromagnetic waves

Chapter16-Refraction at spherical surfaces-Lenses

Chapter 17-Refraction and dispersion of light through a prism

Chapter 18-Optical instruments

Chapter 19- Wave nature of light-Huygen’s principle

Chapter20-Interference of light

Chapter 21-Diffraction of light

Chapter 23- Photo electric effect

Chapter 24- Matter waves

Chapter 26- Atoms,Origin of spectra:Bohr’s theory of hydrogen atom

Chapter 27- Nuclear structure

Chapter 29- Mass energy equivalence- Nuclear binding energy

Chapter30-Nuclear fission and nuclear fusion:Sources of Energy

Chapter 31-Semiconductor electronics

Chapter32-Junction diodes

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