Spell Bee Scholarship winners 2022

Shivkami Pradeep                  – IX B

Adithya Arun                        – VII B

Veda Nair                             – VI A

Johaan Anton Tauzuz           – 1 A

Alaina Sajith                        – 2 C

Edward Kently Philip            – 2 C

S P Sanjith                          – 3 C

Nived Manaoj                      – 4 A   


Hindu young world painting competition

JSW paints future scopes, in association with Hindu Young World conducted painting competition in
March 2022. Congratulations to the zonal finalists!!
Pradhulal V.(XII) & Kashyap T.P (XII) (Senior category winners)
Sanvi Suresh (V) & Niya Mariya Mithun (V) (Sub junior category winners)

British Council Accreditation

HATS OFF TO ST. MARY’S ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL TEAM, for successfully achieving the INTERNATIONAL DIMENSIONS IN SCHOOL certificate for the period 2022-2025. Now our school is BRITISH COUNCIL ACCREDITED SCHOOL, because of the commitment shown by our school in propagating international awareness and global citizenship within the class rooms and school activities.

Idea acceptance by YIP (An initiative of K-DISC)

YIP, an initiative of K-Disc(Kerala Development Innovation Strategic Council) accepted the idea (Web App development to solve the problems of adolescents) presented by St. Mary’s English Medium School, Chevarambalam ( Mentor: Ms. Shanila, Team: Neal Santhosh, Srishti Vineeth, Arshya Koushit Raj, Mehul B Sujith). Our team is one among the five teams who got the selection after a tough competition with various teams in the State leavel. THIS VICTORY IS CREDIBLE AS THEY SCORED 82% AND AN EXCELLENT FEED BACK. Congratulation to our team

Won 1st prize in 3rd Malabar Innovation Festival-2020

Regional Science Centre and Planetarium , Calicut, conducted ‘Scientia’ quiz, on 25/9/2019. Mehul  B  Sujith stood first , among the  29 toppers of quiz who were  selected for further club activities. Weekly club activities started from October 13th. Mehul B Sujith stood first in the  exhibition (3rd MALABAR  INNOVATION  FESTIVAL-2020)at the end of  activities, on 28/2/20.

Deepika Childrens League (DCL IQ Online Scholarship exam for Classes (VII to XII )

A + grade winners

Arshya Koushith Raj  (VII A)

Mehul B Sujith (VIII A)

Abhishek A ( VIII . A)

A  grade winners

P Pranav Baburaj (VII A)

Shiv Sankar Nambiar(VII C)

Panjami P (VII C)

Rithu Reksharaj (VII A)

Parvathy (VII A)

Afsa Mishael (VII A)

Savya Raj (VIII . B)

Aneena M B (VIII. A)

Archana M (IX A)

E Ananaya Ajith (X)

Jahnavi K T(X)

Helen Thomas(XI)

Ajeeb Kunhutty (XI)


op row left to right- gold medal winners
Akash R Nandan( 3A), Vyga V Nair (1A)Mohd Shan (3A), Ishaan Vivek (2B),Parvathy Anoop ( 2C), Rishikesh PK( std 4)
Middle row – Silver medal winners
Parthasaradhi (std 4), Akshaj MP (1std),Mehd Abdullah Nadeem (std 3), Daiwik Jay (std 2)
Bottom row- Bronze medal winners 
Sreenayana ( std 4), Thaniya (std1), Alan Koushith Raj (std 2) ,Sathyachith E M (std 3)

Sarvodaya scholarship winners

Top row left to right- special award  winners
Aardra Anoop (std 2)Vihaan M Vijilesh (std1)Sathyachith (std 3)Adithya Arun ( std 4)
Middle row left to right –  gold medal and cash prize
Nived T S (std  3) – 4 th rank , ₹500/-
Rohan Peter (std 4) – 5th rank , ₹250/-
Kishan P K (std 1) – 6 th rank ,₹100/Joshua Joyesh (std 1) – 6th rank ,₹100/
Sradha T S ( std 2) – 1st rank , ₹ 2000/-
Krishna ( std 4) – 6th rank , ₹100/-
Bottom row left to right
Parvathy Anoop (std 2) – 6th rank ,₹100/-
Nived Menon (std1) -5th rank, ₹250/-
Ishaan Vivek (std 2)- 6th rank, ₹ 100/-
Akash R Nandan ( std 3) – 6 th rank, ₹100