Online events of 2020-2021

A solemn farewell was given to the outgoing students of class X & XII on 28th April, in a virtual platform. 

St. Mary’s entered into the Silver Jubilee Year and inauguration of the Jubilee Celebration was held in the Chapel on February 3rd. 

January 29th,Fr.Thomas Poothathil inter school Quiz competition, Marian Mind Sparks Season 3 was conducted.

IN order to ensure the  safety of our students Covid cell has been formed on January 23rd as per the instruction of Health Inspector Ms. Bindu. Ward councilor Ms. Prassanna also a member of the team, along with PTA  Executive members.

On January 1st, New Theme was released through Live Streaming session by Our Principal Sr. Anice; Dr. Thomas was guest of the day


As a part of continuous Professional Development, an orientation for  Teachers were  conducted on December 21st by Dr. Alex George 

On December 21st 2020 , St. Mary’s English Medium school celebrated  Christmas through online with great enthusiasm. Competitions like Christmas tree making was conducted for students through online.

On November 30th Marian Floreat   online sports event was conducted with great enthusiasm. The event was live streamed to accommodate more viewers.

Floreat 2020-21

Students Orientation Program was conducted on November 1st week

To celebrate the happiness and gaiety of Onam, during the Corona pandemic, MARIAN
POOTHALAM an Onapattu competition was conducted. Students recorded videos of Onapattu
attired in the traditional costume of Kerala, along with their family members to spread
the message of unity in this festive season.

Class LKG to IV

Vimal Sha (IV) – 1st Prize

Liyan Shahdad (LKG B) – 2nd Prize

Anjana N (3 A) – 3rd Prize

Class V to VIII

Theertha C (IX B) – 1st prize

Anagha C S (IX A) – 2nd Prize

Jean Jipson (X B) – 3rd Prize

Jania Jipson (X B) – 3rd Prize

Janet Jipson (X B) – 3rd Prize

Adithya Arun (V B) – 3rd Prize


As a part of Kerala Piravi celebrations MARIAN GANANIRJARI a Light Music competition
was held for the students of all classes, cluster wise. It was a platform for the students to
showcase their talents in singing and the highlight of this competition was the students
emphasis on melody and tune.


Shreya P (UKG C) – 1st prize

Hrithika Baiju (UKG B) – 2nd Prize

Mia Theresa Smartin (LKG C) – 3rd Prize


Vimal Sha (IV B) – 1st prize

Adrika Anvi (IV C) – 2nd prize

Sniya K V (II C) – 3rd prize


Niranjana (VI C) – 1st prize

Alakananda (V A) – 2nd Prize

Devani (VII A) – 2nd prize

Adithya Arun (V B) – 3rd Prize

Aamina Hanan (VII B) – 3rd Prize


Parvathy (IX A) – 1st Prize

Anagha C S (IX A) – 2nd Prize

Shivaganga O (XI) – 3rd prize

Chinchu Manoj (X A) – 3rd prize

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