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Course Content

Chapter 2-Units

Chapter3- Dimensional analysis

Chapter5- Motion in a plane

Chapter 6- Newton’s laws of motion

Chapter7- Friction

Chapter8-Uniform circular motion

Chapter 9- work, energy and Power

Chapter 10- Centre of mass

Chapter 11- Rotational motion of rigid bodies

Chapter 12- Gravitation: planets and satellites

Chapter 13 -Elasticity

Chapter 15-Flow of liquids

Chapter 16-Surface tension

Chapter 18-Heat transfer


Chapter 20- Isothermal and Adiabatic processes

Chapter 21 – Heat engine: Second law of thermodynamics

Chapter 22-Behaviour of a perfect gas: kinetic theory of gases

Chapter 23-Simple harmonic motion

Chapter 25-Waves

Chapter 27-Superposition of waves1-Interference and beats

Chapter28-Superposition of waves2-Stationary(Standing waves)

Chapter 29-Vibrations of stretched strings

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