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Course Content

Unit 1- Diversity of Living organisms

Aids for study of taxonomy

Unit 1- chapter 6

Unit 1 Lesson 4 Kingdom Monera

Unit 1 Biological classification

Unit 1 Chapter 7

Unit 1 Kingdom Protista

Animal Kingdom

Chapter 10 Morphology

Unit 2- chapter 14 -Morphology and anatomy of cockroach

Chapter 12 – Anatomy of different parts of flowering plants

Unit 3 Cell structure and function

Chapter 16 Cell membranes

Chapter 17 Structural organization in cell

Chapter 21 – Transport in plants


Chapter 19 Enzymes

Chapter 20 Cell cycle and Cell division

Chapter 23 Photosynthesis in higher plants

chapter 26 digestion and absorption

Breathing and exchange of gases

Chapter 28 body fluids and circulation

CHAPTER 24- Respiration in plants

Chapter 29 -Excretory products and their eliminations

Chapter 25- Plant- Growth & Development

Chapter 30- Locomotion and movement

Chapter 31- Neural control and co ordination

Chapter 32- Chemical co ordination and Integration

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